FRECOL: Educational Toolbox for Power System Frequency Control

FRECOL is an educational tool for long-term dynamic simulations of power system frequency control under realistic disturbance scenarios. It is implemented in MATLAB/Simulink and is aimed at power and control engineering students to practice frequency control and to test tuning and control strategies.

    Download full toolbox and documentation (version 1.0):

    Individual components (right click and select Save Target As):

- Simulink model of power system frequency control: Model_v01.mdl

- MATLAB function for generation of realistic power imbalance sequences: DisturbanceGenerator_v01.m

- MATLAB script for loading parameters: Parameters_v01.m

- MATLAB function for checking reserve limits: warningTotalReserves_v01.m


Instructions for use:

Step 1: Download and extract the files to folder accessible by MATLAB.

Step 2: Open and run the file Parameters.m to load the model parameters.

Step 3: Run the function warningTotalReserves.m.

Step 4: Run the function DisturbanceGenerator.m to create a power imbalance sequence.

Step 5: Open the Simulink model Model.mdl and start the simulation.

Step 6: See the results in the Scope blocks and in MATLAB workspace.


Citation reference:

The reference paper for FRECOL is below. The paper provides a full description and examples of the tool.

I. M. Cecilio, A. M. Ersdal, D. Fabozzi, and N. F. Thornhill, An open-source educational toolbox for power system frequency control tuning and optimization. Proceedings of the 4th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Europe Conference, 2013.

Please kindly cite the paper in your work as appropriate. Thank you.


Resources Required:

FRECOL was developed in MATLAB R2012a. The performance of the tool is not guaranteed for earlier versions due to possible backward MATLAB incompatibility.

FRECOL does not require any other MATLAB toolboxes.



If you want to report a bug, contribute a coding suggestion or send questions or comments, please contact us at


Permitted uses:

The codes are copyright to the authors. They are free to use for education and research, with appropriate acknowledgements.

Commercial use requires negotiation of a license agreement. Please contact



This work was supported by the Marie Curie FP7-IAPP project Using Realtime Measurements for Monitoring and Management of Power Transmission Dynamics for the Smart Grid REAL-SMART, Contract No: PIAP-GA-2009- 251304, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under Fellowship SFRH/BD/61384/2009, and the Research Council of Norway, project 207690 Optimal Power Network Design and Operation.

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