Applets - Monte carlo

Monte Carlo

This is a simple applet showing how Monte Carlo works in different ensembles for a 2D Lennard-Jones system.

If you do see the applet then you can start playing by pressing the button 'Start'. Once you press the button 'Start' you should see on the left side 100 disks moving around and on the right two diagrams (top density versus number of cycles; bottom average energy per disk versus number of cycles). The simulation starts in NVT ensemble (N: fixed number of particles, V: fixed volume (in our case is fixed area); T: fixed temperature), now if you want to change the ensemble then go to bottom right part of the applet and change the ensemble at the list-box. The available ensembles are NVT, NPT (N: fixed number of particles, P: fixed pressure; T: fixed temperature), and μVT (μ: fixed chemical potential, V: fixed volume; T: fixed temperature). Feel free to change the simulation parameters by navigating through the available panels, such as input and graphics.